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Vagabond – Soap with Musk and Alum for Him

We created the formula of Vagabond soap with real men in our minds, but real women also fell in love with it. It is for everyone who loves musky aromas. Vagabond perfectly nourishes and cleanses the skin. It consists of two layers: a black one - containing activated carbon, and a white one with alum (a mineral that works well as a deodorant and an after-shave soothing agent). The scent of musk brings a feeling of freshness and self-confidence.

Rose Valley – rose soap with red clay

The oils and kinds of butter that we used to manufacture this unique soap, perfectly moisturize, nourish and soothe the skin. This soap combines naturalness and gentleness with refinement. It smells delicate, making the skin calm and relaxed and leaving a subtle floral note. Red clay cleanses the skin, smooths fine wrinkles, improves skin tension, supports the cells’ regeneration process, thus adding vitality and radiance to the skin.

Green Grove – Shampoo bar with Neem

The scent of sweet Orange, slightly spicy Rosemary and aromatic Green Tea stimulate the senses, envelop, and encourage you to continue your adventure with this product. The formula created with passion, based on Ayurvedic knowledge, makes this shampoo respond to the needs of those who have weak, tired, and falling out hair. Additionally, it soothes inflammation, normalizes, and cleanses the scalp.

Lavender – delicate face and body soap

Lavender soap is a delicate, natural soap suitable for the face and body that gently cleans, regenerates and cares for the skin. Lavender essential oil used, is considered one of the most delicate essential oils that bring you calmness and relaxation. When composing the recipe, we made every effort to ensure that the soap meets the needs of the most demanding users, so you will find high-quality kinds of butter and oils in this composition, that will support your everyday skincare rituals. We manufacture our soaps in small batches, which allows us to provide high quality.

Ringing Cedar – shampoo bar

Świeży zapach cedru, harmonizująca zmysły lawenda i lekko ziołowy rozmaryn tworzą w Dzwoniącym Cedrze wyjątkowe trio. W połączeniu z działającymi dobroczynnie na skórę głowy i włosy masłami i olejami (np. olej lniany, z czarnuszki), maceratem z pokrzywy, naparem z lawendy, glinkami: białą, ghassoul oraz shikakai tworzą produkt, który odpowie na potrzeby posiadaczy wymagających czupryn.

Oak Grove – Potassium soap

Mydło żelowe, które wykonujemy w tradycyjny sposób z oliwy z oliwek oraz czarnych oliwek. Dębowy Gaj w swoim składzie zawiera również napar z nagietka, kory dębu oraz cudownie pachnące i działające dobroczynnie olejki eteryczne: eukaliptusowy, rozmarynowy, grejpfrutowy. Doskonale sprawdza się przy problematycznej cerze trądzikowej oraz jako peeling do ciała i skóry głowy. Złuszcza, dotlenia, odżywia i napina skórę.

Tulsi Holy Basil – shampoo bar

Tulsi Holy Basil is a shampoo with a charming scent of fresh Mint, Sweet orange, Holy Basil and oriental Patchouli. It consists of beneficial oils and kinds of butter, Nettle macerate, green clay and Indian Tulsi powder. The ingredients of this shampoo support the treatment of dandruff and psoriasis. Tulsi strengthens the hair, hair roots, gently cleansing and preventing itching of the scalp.

Black Deer – Cleansing soap with Activated Carbon

Black deer is a soap for special tasks. The activated carbon contained in it can absorb up to 1000 times more toxins than its weight! In addition to that, it has an antibacterial effect, reduces skin imperfections, supports the treatment of skin diseases, including mycosis. This soap unblocks enlarged pores, mats oily skin, gently exfoliates the skin, and soothes irritations. In addition, the composition also includes Tea Tree essential oil and Black cumin oil and thanks to them, the soap works quickly and effectively.

White Doe – natural jasmine soap with white clay

Did you know that jasmine is widely used to improve well-being and to reduce nervous tension? We have the impression that just taking the soap dice in your hands, make you calmer thanks to its aromatherapeutic effect. Carefully selected oils perfectly nourish, soften and soothe the skin. The soap is creamy and delicate while its ingredients support the healing processes, leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch. White clay visibly cleanses, brightens and smooths the skin, and it is especially recommended for enlarged pores and excessive secretion of sebum.

Raspberry with Salt – Purifying soap with Himalayan salt and pink clay

Inconspicuous, its smell brings grandma's garden memories, it is delicate and unobtrusive. It leaves a fruity mist on the skin, which makes the bath a pure pleasure. Himalayan salt contained in this soap has antibacterial properties, cleans well, protects the skin from excessive water loss, gently exfoliates the dead epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and velvety to the touch. The great advantage of this soap is its efficiency.

Chamomile – Soothing soap with Chamomile

This soap was created for the most demanding users, Little Ones. It contains oils that gently wash sensitive and delicate skin without damaging its natural protective layer. Chamomile infusion soothes skin irritations. Chamomile will also please all those, who struggle with skin allergies, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen or simply have very dry, demanding skin.