Natural soy candles

We produce natural wax candles ourselves, thanks to which we are sure that we are creating a product of the highest quality – safe, gentle, aromatherapy on the body and spirit.

We share with you candles in glass jars and handmade cups with beautiful, unique colors and shapes. Each cup is unique and one of a kind. The ceramics that we use to produce candles are produced for us by our friends artists.

Hand-made candles are made of organic soy wax (which is free from herbicides, pesticides and other artificial ingredients), cotton wick, essential oils or fragrances with an IFRA Certificate of Conformity (the compositions do not contain plant compounds that may cause allergies).

Candles in jars can be packed in paper boxes with our logo. The whole creates an interesting, harmonious design that makes candles an attractive gift.

Candle memory, or how to burn it …

– The first burning should continue until the entire surface of the candle has melted.

– After extinguishing, let her rest. The candle will remember the first burn and each subsequent burn will be even!

– You will get a beautiful flame by trimming the wick about 4 mm before each firing.

– Remember your intention, the element of fire has great power.

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