Where can we meet?

1. In the village of Zbydniów, at the Institute of Human Development.

Behind the mountains, behind forests, beyond the seven crossroads…. where Wiśnicz Foothills (Pogórze Wiśnickie) meets Beskid Wyspowy, where plants climb the highest ridge, separating the Tarnawka Valley from the Stradomka Valley. Where the nature of the old wild park penetrates through spider webs and doors and windows into the wooden cottage with the morning sun. In this amazing, natural scenery, we have found our beloved place on Earth, our home.

This is where we spend most of our time. We live, work and experience here. We also run the Human Development Institute here. The Foundation was established on the initiative of Grzegorz, who wanted to create an alternative space conducive to self-development. He dreamed of an extraordinary place where all those who are ready to meet with themselves would feel comfortable.

We are glad that thanks to our efforts, the Institute has become a very important place to many of you, a place where you like to come back.


In the room prepared for the workshop purposes,
you can take part in the meetings organized by us,
or rent it for your own needs.

2. Anywhere...

We love to travel and wander, and then come back home to our cats, trees, grasses, smaller and bigger rituals and responsibilities.

While we are on the road, responding to your invitation, we will be happy to visit the place you choose, where we conduct workshops or thematic meetings.


The main purpose of our meetings with you
is to create a space where you will learn
a simple and ethical way of making
plant-based cosmetics, soaps, plant wax candles,
environmentally friendly household
cleaners and readily available products.